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Why Order The Cancer Profile From Us


When you receive a diagnosis, and even if you get a biopsy, you don’t know how much cancer is in the body from the biopsy. The CAT scan or PET scan cannot tell you this information either. Everyone has cancer cells, but it takes so many cells to make a difference (form a tumor). Most people want to know how much cancer they have and how serious it is. For instance, is it spreading? How Important is the finding of the original tumor. If you want an accurate, reliable measurement of cancer levels and metastasis (spreading factor-THE most important number), (as do the best natural clinics in America and the world) the CaProfile can provide that for you. It is the most accurate test available today for any kind of cancer. Most tumor markers and HCG by itself can be off by as much as 65%.

When you order the CaProfile from us, not only do you get the most advanced cancer test available today, you have an opportunity to combine the cancer test with advanced full body remote scanning. This means from the comfort of your home in approximately one hour, we can provide a complete scan, analysis report and review including: The underlying cause of disease; What is contributing to the cancer present in the body and what will it take to lower that risk; are there Dental issues that are lowering the immune system that are affecting disease; are Mycotoxins and Lyme present; Emotional root causes, Heavy Metals and other toxins that may be suppressing the immune system, plus the location of Toxic Foci (high concentrations of toxins).


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Take The Cancer Assessment

The Cancer Profile©

  • PROGRAM EVALUATION: Are you doing a protocol for your disease. We can help you monitor effectiveness of your cancer treatment independent of all other tests, more accurate, sensitive than an x-ray without the exposure to radiation. Is the protocol you are using causing other problems that are not apparent.
  • Blood in the stool or urine
  • History of diarrhea, constipation, or vomiting
  • History of prostatic hypertrophy
  • History of coughing or hoarseness in the voice
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Change in personality
  • History of fatigue and lethargy
  • History of allergies
  • If there are any carcinogenic environmental conditions surrounding the patient such as hazardous chemicals or low-level radiation exposure
  • History of consuming high fat meals or other known carcinogens, e.g. large amounts of colorings, flavorings, and preservative agents
  • History of chronic exposure to drinking water containing high concentrations of chlorine, fluorides, pesticides, and other potentially carcinogenic chemicals
  • If a past or present smoker, or a non-smoker chronically exposed to “second hand smoke”
  • Extreme, chronic stress and/or depression
  • Habitual caffeine or alcohol abuser
  • History of inhaling hazardous fumes generated by volatile chemicals, paints, solvents, internal combustion exhaust fumes containing carbon monoxide or other toxic gases
  • History of exposure to viral agents, e.g. any member of the Herpes and HIV families
  • History of chronic exposure to Ultra Violet light, e.g. “sun worshipers”
  • Family history of malignancies
  • Past history of malignancy
  • Undergoing any therapy for an ongoing malignant condition
  • Taking any medications having carcinogenic potentials
  • Suffering a prolonged nutritional deficiency
  • For possible early detection of cancer
  • For peace of mind

The Longevity Profile©

Your best tool to achieve optimal health

Composed of over 60 tests, this panel will provide you a most comprehensive report on your health status. For more details click here or call us Today:


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